ecommerce android course training by projecct

33 students enrolled

It is a Training by project program. You will learn how to create an eCommerce app from beginning. This program included Web service side PHP coding and Client side android coding. At the end of this program you will have your eCommerce app at you can sale to your client.

For Outside India – Enroll by Paying $110

App on Google Play Store After Completing this Course

Here is our app that I have published on Google Play Store after completion of this course. Click Here

eCommerce App Demo that you will learn in this program

Please use chat box to clear your doubts about this program.

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  • Login & Signup  0/13

  • Home Screen & Product Preview  0/18

    • Create Android App Home Screen
    • Home Screen- Create Product Information Cardview
    • Home Screen – Create Custom RatingBar and Stick line
    • Home Screen – RecyclerView Adapter & Model Class
    • Home Screen- CardView Design
    • eCommerce Database Schema Design
    • eCommerce Database Table Design
    • Create API for Best Selling product, Trending product etc.
    • Android- Display best selling, trending and new product
    • Create Product Preview Design
    • Create Product Details API
    • Product Details API and Retrofit call
    • Product Details & Related Product
    • Product Overview and Review Tab
    • Product Review adapter
    • Navigation Drawer
    • Toolbar Menu Option
    • How to Add Product into cart & Banner Slider
  • Add to Card & Place Order   0/22

    • Cart Design and Wishlist Design
    • Create Cart details Table and Add to Cart API
    • Get Wishlist Product
    • Add product into cart-
    • Get User Cart Details
    • Display User Cart item on RecyclerView
    • Get Wishlist Product API
    • Delete cart item, Edit cart item API
    • Delete cart item And Edit User Cart item
    • Cart item edit and update
    • Update total cart price
    • Order Summery
    • Create & Select Shipping Address
    • Add Shipping Address API
    • Add Shipping Address- Android
    • Android Get User Address
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Get User details for Start Transaction
    • Place order and store in Order Table- PHP API
    • Check Payment in Production mode(Real Prod. Purchase)
    • Store Order Detail on Our Server
    • Payment Options cash on delivery and pay now
  • User Account & Order History  0/5

    • Create User Account activity and Order History Activity
    • Order History & Order Details Design
    • Get Order History API- PHP
    • Get Order Details – Android Code
    • Get Banner Slider API – PHP

4 Comments to “eCommerce App (Training by Project)”

  1. E-commerce app training is complete? Or running? After paying all fees can I able to view tranning video and code as per curriculum? If not complete than how many days remaining? Pls reply. If u want more detail about me. Pls send I will send little brief note about myself and my company.

    1. the eCommerce app course has completed. you can access all thee video and source code(Day by day lesson) after enrollment. If you face any issue during development you can ask me anytime. Click here to see the Android App published after this course on Google play store –

  2. I have paid the fees but here only seven videos are available. how will i get the rest of the videos

    1. Thanks for enroll into eCommerce Course. Your Login details will be send to your registered email id within an hour.

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