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setup android studio, java environment, plugings

In this lesson, I will show you how to setup android studio, java JVM, install SDK.
Before start, please make sure your system fulfilled minimum requirement-

  • Computer having minimum 4 GB of RAM( recommended 8 GB ) and at-least dual core processor.
  • Android phone for testing (you can use your own phone as i do ).
  • Teamviewer software, and Dropbox on your system.
  • Good Internet connect.
  • Basic knowledge of java language.

Install Java & Android studio

You must get the latest version of android studio, java environment and install on computer.

To Set java class path :
GOTO -MyComputer – Property – Advance System Property – Advance – Environment variable.

Create new variable- write variable name: JAVA_HOME, 

variable value: " your_java_jdk_location"(Like C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_25\ ).

Remember to use "\" at the end.


Install Android Studio

Go to the android studio official site  and download .exe file for windows.

Let’s click on .exe file and run installation wizard. Process is simple just click on “next” button. Please don’t change any default setting otherwise you will get problem in the future.

Now installation wizard will ask you to install android SDK. so click on next and download all the files.

Create New Android Project

Now click on “Start on new android project” on welcome screen of android studio wizard. In next window it asked for application name & package name.

Remember “com.example” must be change with some other name or company name, because package name include com.example is not valid for publishing app on google play store.

Click on Next & select minimum SDK to API 15. That means all devices having API 15( Ice Cream Sandwich) or greater will support your app. If you select latest SDK suppose API 23 then only device having android API 23 & 24(Nougat) can support your app. So try to create app that support more number of devices. API 15 is the best choice for selecting minimum SDK.

You can also select different minimum SDK for other device like wear , glass, TV. If don’t have any idea leave it.

Click on next & there you can select layout type. For beginners select “Empty Activity ”. You can change it later during development. Click on next & It will ask for Main Activity name & Main Layout name. It is better to leave it as it is. Click “finish”.

Install SDK for api 15, 21 , 23 and 24

On Android studio, Go to the “Tool”->Android-> SDK Manager.

Click on checkbox API Level 15, 21, 23, and 24 . Accept term and conditions and install all the plugins.

sdk manager

Android studio is Ready

Now android studio is completely ready for development.

Watch the video to know about tools and options available in android studio.


50 Days Android Course which includes the best combination of Basic and Advance android app development course. By this course, You will not only learn but you will have your app on Google Play store within 50 days.

I will start with the most basic of things such as setup android studio, Android virtual device, debug code on a real device and so on.

Click on Curriculum Tab to Get Free Lesson ( Day 1, 2, 3, 4 & 13 ).

For Outside India – Enroll by Paying $60

Android Course

You will learn basic android app development till lesson day 26, after that I started advanced android app development. Also, I will show you how I created a new Android project from scratch and published it on Google Play store.

You can ask me questions and doubt over Facebook messenger or email. You can share your computer screen with me if you have any technical problems.

Published Your App on Google play store

Once you become familiar with the basic concept(Lesson Day 26), you can start working on the live project. Please look at Curriculum for topics covered in this course and get free access to the first-day lesson. We will create an app idea which may include all or some of the function listed on course.

You can create a separate app by your own with unique design and concept. I will monitor your work and will give you the review.

If still, you have any doubt, please comment below.

  • Basic Android  0/27

  • Advance Android  0/32

    • Day 28 Lesson – Call Intent, Share Intent, Package SHA Key
    • Day 27 Lesson – Android App Documentation
    • Day 29 Lesson – RecyclerView in android
    • Day 30 Lesson – RecyclerView with Multiple View, Glide Image Library
    • Day 31 Lesson – Android get Json data using AsynchTask, RecyclerView
    • Day 32 Lesson – Endless Scrolling RecyclerView
    • Day 33 Lesson – Android Volley Library
    • Day 34 Lesson – Android Retrofit Library
    • Day 35 Lesson – Send Json Data to Server using Retrofit, Volley, HttpConnection
    • Day 36 Lesson – Runtime Permission and Create Folder in android
    • Day 37 Lesson – Fragment side by side in tablet
    • Day 38 Lesson – How to Record Voice in Android
    • Bonus Lesson – Day 1 Android App Project Employee Tracking Android App
    • Day 39 Lesson – Videoview in Android and ExoPlayer Android
    • Day 40 Lesson – Create Media Player Android App( 70% Ready to publish)
    • Bonus Lesson – Day 2 Android App Project – Create OTP, TabLayout, Viewpager
    • Bonus Lesson – Day 3 Create web server, Database, product JSON, send OTP
    • Day 41 Lesson – Google Map API- Get current location
    • Day 42 Lesson -Show Google map in android app with marker title
    • Day 43 Lesson – Android Notification using Firebase (FireBase Cloud Messaging)
    • Bonus Lesson – Day 4 Create Product JSON and create POJO model
    • Bonus Lesson – Day 5 Display product in Recyclerview and create Firebase notification
    • Day 44 Lesson -Send Firebase Notification From PHP server using FCM Data Message
    • Day 45 Lesson- Capture Image from Camera, record video
    • Day 46 Lesson – Select Image from Gallery and upload to server
    • Day 47 Lesson – Webview, Get Phone Contact, Change Language in Android
    • Day 48 Lesson – Set Alarm Using AlarmManager
    • Day 49 lesson – Display Google AdMob Ads on Android App
    • Day 50 Lesson – Publish App on Google Play Store
    • Bonus Lesson – Day 6 create add, update, delete logRecord table MySQL database
    • Bonus Lesson – Day 7 add item into shopping cart
    • Bonus Lesson – Day 8 Add cart checkout and send order to PHP server

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