Android- How to add Hint on Spinner?

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kamal bunkar Staff asked 1 year ago

I want to show hint on drop-down(Spinner) list but I am not getting how to add hint on spinner. I added hint text on list but It doesn’t look like hint.  I want something like below pic. Is there any android library available to show hint on spinner?

android-how to add hint on spinner

on click on stock availability, it must look like this

android how to app hint on spinner

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kamal bunkar Staff answered 1 year ago

It is very easy to create hint on spinner. There is a github library for spinner hint. All you have to do is add dependency on gradle file.

// spinner with hint
compile 'me.srodrigo:androidhintspinner:1.0.0'

Activity.xml file- don't need to add anything just put a spinner
android:layout_marginTop="@dimen/margin_large" /> file- add custom hint adapter for spinner

private ArrayList<String> stockAvaillist = new ArrayList<String>();
private HintAdapter<String> stock_adapter;

// stock_avail.setAdapter( new ArrayAdapter<String>(this, android.R.layout.simple_spinner_item, stockAvaillist));
stock_adapter = new HintAdapter<String>(this, R.string.stock_avail, stockAvaillist);
HintSpinner<String> stockSpinner = new HintSpinner<>(
// Default layout - You don't need to pass in any layout id, just your hint text and
// your list data
new HintSpinner.Callback<String>() {
public void onItemSelected(int position, String itemAtPosition) {
// Here you handle the on item selected event (this skips the hint selected event)
// Log.e(TAG, "stock select "+String.valueOf(position)+" "+ stockAvaillist.get(position));
if (stockAvaillist.get(position).equalsIgnoreCase(AppUtils.getStrFromRes(R.string.instock))){
stock_avail_flag = "1";
}else if (stockAvaillist.get(position).equalsIgnoreCase(AppUtils.getStrFromRes(R.string.outoffstock))){
stock_avail_flag ="0" ;