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Publish Your first Android App within 50 days

Post Views: 9,481 All You Need to Know About The 50-day Android Course Recently I announced a new course called the 50-day Android Developer Course. This course is similar to industrial training provided by big company to their employee.It is much better than academic classroom training. Since this is a new kind of program I […]

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Practice material UI design used by companies

Post Views: 1,580 You have learn about layout design in last post Android Layouts Design. In this post i am giving you some reference layout design (about 25 different design ) that you must follow to create standard android app. I would like you to try your hand on this standard UI design. For your […]

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Android Login & Registration Setup Form with Material Design

Post Views: 4,177 In this article i will be demonstrating how to design android login form and user registration screen. I will use material design for login screen. Also i will show you how to check form validation & show “please wait” popup screen during authentication. So first create a new android project (mine is […]

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Top Thrilling Kayaking Destinations In India

Post Views: 3,797 Kayaking adventure sport For adventure enthusiasts feeling the thrill and excitement in water sports are an exciting option. If you want to race down fast flowing rapids and navigate foamy mountain rivers then kayaking is the sport for you. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced paddler, get out and discover […]

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