How to Create Intro Slider for Android App

Post Views: 2,713 A Intro Slider or Welcome Slider can take your app into another level. A intro slider on your Android app is one of the great ways to present the most important and major features of your app. In this article I am going to show you how to add an intro slider […]

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Publish Your first Android App within 50 days

Post Views: 11,095 All You Need to Know About The 50-day Android Course Recently I announced a new course called the 50-day Android Developer Course. This course is similar to industrial training provided by big company to their employee.It is much better than academic classroom training. Since this is a new kind of program I […]

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Practice material UI design used by companies

Post Views: 1,894 You have learn about layout design in last post Android Layouts Design. In this post i am giving you some reference layout design (about 25 different design ) that you must follow to create standard android app. I would like you to try your hand on this standard UI design. For your […]

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Android Login & Registration Setup Form with Material Design

Post Views: 5,087 In this article i will be demonstrating how to design android login form and user registration screen. I will use material design for login screen. Also i will show you how to check form validation & show “please wait” popup screen during authentication. So first create a new android project (mine is […]

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