ecommerce android app tutorial

eCommerce android app tutorial – Complete Android tutorial

eCommerce android app is on demand. every one want a eCommerce app for business, for college project OR for resell it to another person. eCommerce App has many variate like single seller, multi seller, Guest login purchase etc. I have created a series of video lesson where you can learn how to create eCommerce android app. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel to watch all the videos.

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eCommerce Android App Tutorial- Project Overview

This is the first day of eCommerce app (Training by Project) where I am discussing about the complexity & what not to do on eCommerce android app. Also in this video I am showing the inside view of an eCommerce project that I have developed for one of my client.

Splash Screen & Global Share Preference

In this video lesson I am creating a Splash screen on android app. Splash screen is used for branding purpose but it is not a good practice to slow splash screen on a app that the user use very frequently.

In this video I am also creating a Global common share preference that I can use throughout the project from any activity. It is the right way to define a share preference as common class and use it as you want. Please watch the video for complete details.

Android Login Screen

Now create a login screen. The flow of project is as follow – The user will signup on app so create signup screen then he/she will sign in to the app then show Home screen. Also create forgot password screen (in case user forgot password).

Create Signup and Forgot Password Activity Design

Now I am going to create signup and forgot password activity design. In last lesson you have learn how to create sign-in screen and global common variable like share preference. To create signup design and forgot password design I am reusing few code from sign-in activity design.
I would suggest you to reuse the code as much as possible. Because this way you can generate uniform pattern on your app.

Create PHP Server DataBase, Login & User Profile Table

In this video lesson, I am going to create PHP server Database. There are two type of hosting plan (Windows / Linux(cpanel)). You can buy hosting from hosting provider OR you can use some free hosting website like to test eCommerce app project.
I have cPanel hosting from Hostgator. You will find same option on windows hosting but the appearance will be different.


New User registration API, Response & Data validation

In this video you will learn Data validation and how to create JSON response using PHP. In last lesson, We have inserted user data on user-profile table. Now I am going to create web API response in a JSON format. I will show you how to validate user data on server and give status response to android client app.

NOTE – I have change response type on this api. Earlier information object was a string now It is a json Object. So please change POJO model on android side.

Send user data using Retrofit library

In this video we will try to send user input data using retrofit library. Retrofit library is very efficient and much better than Volley Library. To use retrofit, You have to create Service Interface and Service Wrapper class. Also You have to create POJO model for response data type.

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