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All You Need to Know About The 50-day Android Course

Recently I announced a new course called the 50-day Android Developer Course. This course is similar to industrial training provided by big company to their employee.It is much better than academic classroom training. Since this is a new kind of program I want to clarify all the questions that you might have about this program.

I start a brand new course which include the best combination of Basic and Advance android app development. Also I will teach you How to publish app on Google play Store. After this course you can start your business as freelancer developer OR can work on software company as android developer.

This is a online course so you can access all the video lesson at anytime and can download complete code.These videos are the recorded video of live session that I took for first batch of 50 days android course.

After live session I uploaded the video, step by step process description and code to our online classroom server. You can learn from this video lesson at anytime and If you have any doubt and problem ask me using chat box OR contact me on Facebook Messenger or Facebook Group. You will have life time access to this classroom. So even after 3-4 months you can watch the videos or can download the code.

After watching video if you have any doubt you can ask me using chat. Even I can solve your problem by screen sharing. Each day’s activities will be uploaded as a lesson with downloadable link so that you can watch it later. You can Enroll using below button OR For Outside India Click Here

What will you learn from this course?

By implementing code of your own, you will get to use it on your final android app that will be publish on Google Play Store at the end of the course. We will start working on your app (in middle of the course) after you get familiar with basic android components.

By the end of the program, your android app also becomes a live case study that you can add to your resume and experience.

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Here below is the content that I will cover in this course.

  1. Setup java environment, android studio, introduction of android studio’s tools.
  2. Create android project,  manifest file , layout folders, Debugging application on Real Device,  AVD
  3. Different types of layout design, button, checkbox, textbox etc.
  4. Create activities, create dynamic layout and component, activity lifecycle,  intents,  communicating data among activities.
  5. Simple user login form activity app (offline authentication).
  6. Standard UI design , color, icon etc, Get the best material design icon.
  7. Menus,  listview , arraylist , creating custom compound views
  8. Navigator drawer.
  9. Toast notifications, custom toast, dialog.
  10. Progress bar, progress circle
  11. Status bar notifications, popup menu.
  12. Multi-threading , AsyncTask.
  13. Handler, scheduler.
  14. Data storage in share preference.
  15. SQLite,  SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database.
  16. Opening and closing database, Working with cursors inserts, updates, and deletes.
  17. Creating broadcast receiver, services.
  18. Fragments.

Create an app idea to publish on Google play store which includes

  1. Get phone contact through app.
  2. Tab layout with fragment.
  3. Get current mobile location using Google location API.
  4. Show map inside App.
  5. Schedule alarm.
  6. Multimedia in Android, Audio , Video.
  7. Online login form authentication using HTTP Response ( JSON )
  8. Firebase Cloud Nofitication
  9. Create Database on WebServer
  10. Make a call , send SMS.
  11. Record sound.
  12. Create file, folder in phone memory.
  13. Take picture, record video.
  14. Generate signed android app,  make it ready to publish.

During the progress of the course, I will add new lessons based on the requirements of my students. It is difficult to chart out the day by day topic, but you get the idea.
android course

Finally you will publish an app on Google Play Store.

This is a great chance for you to create your own android app  from scratch. Every day lesson will be uploaded in the learning management system. You can watch the lessons at your own pace and implement the code on your system.

Is it Necessary for You to Publish an App with Me?

The program is made for beginner who want to get started by learning with me, but you can watch the lessons passively as well without publishing app on google play store.

Since all the videos will be recorded and uploaded for future viewing, you can start following the lessons anytime you want, at your own pace. Until you start an app development of your own, you can just watch me how to create an android app.

Is this android course the best way to Learn App Development?

When you are in school, you do not go ahead and learn physics for an entire year and then Chemistry for an entire year. You learn all the subjects in all the grades with increasing complexity over time.

This course is similar. When we get started, we will learn basic components of android and then you will learn how to create simple user login activity (which includes login form using buttons , text box and offline authentication of user credential).

Think about how most of the Android app course in the world are designed! They go module by module. You don’t want to learn an entire Basic course module first and then an entire advance module.

When you learn module by module, you will “know” a lot but it won’t be a practical experience… and then you will forget most of the things. Most of the other courses are taught that way. I want to change how android app development is taught.

So if this project feels interesting to you, click here to join the program. I will be available for you for the next 2-3 months and show you every step of how it is done.

android course

Certificates of Course Completion

I am issuing course completion certificates for this course, but you don’t need a certificate to prove your knowledge. You will have a live case study that is your App to show your employers or clients that you know how to develop an Android App successfully.

Even if you are not looking for a job or trying to get clients, this program will help you learn android app development in the most natural way possible. I say “natural” because we humans learn by doing. Also, the live step-by-step nature of this course will help not get overwhelmed with a lot of information.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Program

Here are some frequently asked questions about the program. If you have further questions, my answer is: just go ahead and invest in this program🙂.

Anyway, here are the answers to the FAQs:

How many classes in a week?

I take class 5 day a week or 20-25 days in a month. Off day can be any day  between Sunday to Saturday. If the previous day’s class topic was very complex then i will took off on next day.  So you can try your hand on the same topic by your own.

What are the Minimum requirements?

  • Computer having minimum 4 GB of RAM( recommended 8 GB ) and at-least dual core processor.
  • Good Internet connect.
  • Basic knowledge of java language.
  • Android phone for testing (you can use your own phone as I do ).
  • Teamviewer software, and Dropbox on your system.

Is there Lifetime access to classroom?

Yes, You will have lifetime access to this course. You can access android course classroom material even after end of this course.

What about clearing doubts?

Each day I will be available for live chat and screen sharing. I will conduct special live Q&A session at a time that will be convenient to most of the candidates. In this live session, you will be able to ask me questions and I will answer them! We will also have a closed forum where we can ask questions to other members of this program and help each other out.

How much it will cost?

This program includes both the Basic and Advance feature of android course . The value of this course is more than 9000/-. But This is my startup promotional course, so I am giving huge discount on it. If you think course design is suite to you so Click below to enroll in 50 Day Android Course

For Outside India Click Here

Get Free Access to Five Video Lesson and Download Code. Signup Below

Tell me When did you start learning android app development or still looking for best course ?

I hope you are excited to join this course. I am equally excited to see you on the other side soon 🙂

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    • This course is design to help beginner to learn everything that are mandatory to publish an App on Google Play Store. I am trying to provide all these information through this course.

  1. Hello there! Would you mind if I share your blog with
    my zynga group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Thank you

    • Basic java is essential for android development. You already know c++ than basic java will not take more that one week to understand. All will take care about other advance java function in this course. We will take first 2-3 days on App design only, So I think you can join us on this batch.

    • yes, you can enroll on this course any time. You will have lifetime access to this course after enrollment. You can access live session video and complete downloadable code any time. But may be next time I will not be on live session… ….

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